you'll never be the same.

fresh. modern. wild.

limited drops

Sleeves are dropped in, you guessed it, limited drops. The button ups that give you a confidence boost of Biblical proportions are all limited additions. Gotta collect 'em all.

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We see a world where men live more vicariously, more boldly and are generally more alive.

Every time we put on Sleeves there's a mental shift that brings us to a more fuller version of ourself.

That's one of the more cheesey things you'll hear us say but that don't make it any less true now does it?

Button up one of these bad boys on that sturdy frame of yours and get ready to look like you just hopped out of Golden Eye with a lady on your arm and feel like ol William Wallace riding a stallion to victory across a battlefield of glory.

Now that's a combo you don't want to let pass you by.


We're on a mission to get you to accept a mission.

What mission you ask? Good question amigo.

To live in the moment. Catch every opportunity. And enjoy a full, wild life.

So, we created Sleeves, your low key wing man on this mission. It's a confidence dripping, IQ boosting, appearance enhancing, and that edgey edge for the everyday man.

about us

like all glorious innovations, Sleeves was formed out of legend.

Dating back to who knows when, some BA Air Force pilots decided to rage against the machine and wore what they called "party shirts".

A white tux button up shirt but with the sleeves secretly changed to a design of their choice. Their comrades and commanders, and most importantly the ladies, had no idea until they dropped the tux jacket and bam — knocked em dead unconscious with their pure ethereal sex appeal.

Sleeves is a revolution against "normal". It's being a wildcard. An innovator. If you're like us, you love looking fresh when the occasion presents itself.

But what modern man hasn't felt like a sardine in a sea of white shirts at a party or wedding reception? Next thing you know you're being asked by a tipsy bloke if there happens to be any more cocktail sauce for that shrimp on a stick he's eating. "'Scuse me, ser? I don't work here." Ya. You know how it goes.

The Sleeves shirt fixes this. Look like a class act straight out of a bond film. And when you're ready to shed the jacket, get ready to drop some jaws.

Rage hard or die trying.